What We Do

Charitable Programs/Image Management

Luxury destinations and lifestyle brands are inundated with charitable requests on a regular basis.  The challenge is to select the causes that will have the strongest impact, and also resonate with their brand.


Siren Communications is active in the charitable community in Canada. Ann Layton currently serves on, or contributes to charitable boards, advisory boards and organizing committees for some of the most well organized events in Canada, and as such we are well placed to guide our clients in their corporate donations strategy.  If we advise our clients to donate a trip or product, we take care of all aspects of the redemption and fulfillment to ensure the winners become lifelong brand ambassadors for the destination. Finally, if we advise our clients to purchase a table at a charitable event, we will take care of inviting a strong mix of media, influencers and potential guests in order to leverage the opportunity while benefitting a good cause.

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