What We Do

Social Media Strategy and Web Optimization

The placement of strong editorial coverage is critically important now more than ever before due to the widespread use of search engines.  Newspaper articles that used to be in the paper for one day now live on in virtual perpetuity and can be accesssed through Google and other search engines.  These articles provide invaluable third party endorsement of your product in an age when consumers conduct their own research online when considering vacation options. Travel intermediaries are asked to book vacations only when extensive online comparisons have been done. Every editorial article generated has the potential to be part of the consumer decision-making process for years to come.


In addition to the generation of content that will drive search rankings, Siren clients benefit from our fully optimized press room. Key words and phrases in each of our press releases are tagged with web searches specifically in mind. Our blog, Siren Traveller, is fully searchable and features direct links to our clients.


Siren also recognizes the importance of social media applications and the opportunities provided by the medium. We create effective strategies for our clients that can bypass the traditional pitch process and reach entirely new audiences. Siren has emerged as an early-adopter of social media applications and a strategic practitioner of targeted online promotions.

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