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Launch of Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc.


Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc.

The Client

The Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc. (BTMI) is a newly formed private/public sector collaboration that replaced the previous Barbados Tourism Authority. BTMI represents the country of Barbados, as the marketing arm of the government in Canada.

The Challenge

Launch the BTMI in the Canadian market. It is notoriously difficult to get Canadians to events in the summer months. Siren needed to find a “hook” to lure media and influencers to what was essentially a government event.

The Solution

Siren negotiated a special deal with the Royal Canadian Yacht Club (RCYC) – normally not open to non-members, to host a cocktail on the lawn out on the island, on a beautiful summer evening. Siren then arranged to have Roger Goddard, owner of Cutters Barbados and winner of the Best Rum Punch in the Caribbean competition, fly up to create his signature drink. Guests—many of the who’s who of Toronto—were serenaded by steel pan drummers on the lawn by the lake, as they ate Barbados-inspired food and sipped rum punch.

The Results

• Features in the National Post and trade publications including Canadian Travel Press, OpenJaw.ca and PAXNEWS.com
• Engaged some of Toronto’s busiest and most influential social guests and media
• Brokered a renewed relationship with BTMI and the Canadian representative of Mount Gay Rum
• Secured interest in media visits to Barbados, which resulted in coverage during the winter months