Media relations

Press Kits
Press Releases and distribution
Customized media lists

Visiting Media Programs

Organize group media trips and individual media visits
Host group media trips
Create custom itineraries
Liaise with tourism boards for support

Creative services

Web development
Video production
Curated Musical programming

Content Development

Sourcing contributors for meaningful brand collaboration
Negotiation of fees/contra
Results oriented professional contracts

event management

Client Roadshows
Pop Ups
Brand activations
Special events/celebrations/galas

Crisis Management

Key message development
Qualified spokespeople in English, French, Spanish

Siren strategic

Brand partnerships; negotiate mutually beneficial, lasting terms
Partnership promotions

Siren Social
Community management
Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook

owned materials


Collateral Materials

PR Manuels
PR Employee Retention programs
Intern guides

Online Magazine: Siren Traveller

Owned media
Curated content